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White BMW Wrap Color Change to Satin Gray

White BMW Wrap Color Change to Satin Black

It is always a challenge in our business when you wrap a vehicle from light to dark. For example ; when you wrap a white car to a dark color every edge is going to show white if you don’t wrap it all the way around.

Where the bumper meets the fender you can’t just cut a line down the middle and tuck it. You will still see white. This is why we take the cars apart when we do this type of color change wrap. There’s just no way that you could get up underneath door handles, luggage racks, headlights, window gaskets, and tough indented areas such as where fog lights and blinker lights go.

After disassembling the car we wrapped it with 3m satin grey metallic. Then we got rid of all of the Chrome on the car and turned it gloss-black.

The next challenge was wrapping the wheels. We can do most Wheels. Some are more challenging than others and cannot simply be done due to there shape. You can tell by the pictures the end result is stunning especially compared to the plain white vanilla that it was before. Hats off to my customer for allowing us to do the things we need to do to pull this all together.

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