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Wet Line Productions Wrap Truck and Boat

When Autuko was first introduced to Wet Line Productions I couldn’t believe what they did. They go to the fishing tournament’s and fly drones over while the contestants are fishing, then give live feeds on the weighing.

Anyone can watch their family member fish and compete from the comfort of their own homes. This is really cool because everyone and the family’s feels involved. Fisherman think it’s neat also because they can get live feeds of them weighing in and videos of them catching fish.

Coming up with the concept was a lot of fun. Working with the owners of WetLine, we came up with something that showcases what they do.
We used Arlon SLX printable wrapping material. This is the newest state-of-the-art wrapping material. We have had great success with it and its very easy to work with and great conformability.

Please check out Wet Line Productions on Facebook ,Instagram , Twitter and their website. We love the people and what they do so much we signed up as an associate sponsor. Today coming to a waterway near you. #autuko #arlon #arlonslx #slxwithflite.

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