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Tractor Trailer Wrap

This job was monstrous it took us three days and 5 employees. It took two employees just on the tractor and three employees on the trailer at all times during the three day job. Imagine laying on the top of the tractor to do the huge roof. The trailer had 5400 rivets that all had to be addressed . The rear doors had the long hinge and closing bars that had to have all the graphics slid behind. There is only 1/4 inch of space to do this . So imagine trying to slide a 11 ft tall decal behind the hinge bars.

We did 2 of these tractor trailer and are slated to do 2 more. The other challenge is we had to do this inside. The sun, heat , cold , wind and rain makes our job almost impossible and quality would no be there. We had to move scaffolding and ladders around constantly. This is were our new 12,000 square foot facility that is climate controlled can fit many of these behemoths in it with no shortage of space. We can also use scissor lifts that we can drive around the trucks.

To see something like this done is quite rewarding. It is a instant gratification that you don’t get with most careers. All of our crew really enjoyed this job and look forward to our next one.

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