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Body Side Molding

We offer many types of body side molding body. and can be from a color keyed, black or chrome strip that goes down the center of your car doors. This helps to protect against other car doors hitting your car doors and making those unsightly dents and paint chips.

Commonly used for people that park in tight parking decks or apartment living the body side molding helps save your cars body from repairs from dents and chips due to other people's negligence. For example if you have a silver Toyota Camry we have the factory color keyed silver body side molding with the formed ends that looks just like it came on the car from the factory.

Prices range from $165 to $285 depending on the car and the color finish. We can do this service mobily at your home or work or at a shop. All we need to know is the year make model and color code of your car and we can get it done for you immediately.