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Kings Dominion Bus Wrap

The Kings Dominion bus was one of the coolest jobs we’ve done thus far by far. It was quite unusual because we had to strip the old wrap off using a ice blaster which takes dry ice and blasted high pressure on the old decals cleaning the decathis made it look like the bus was hauling a whole bus filled with scary creatures.The roof of the school bus which we normally wouldn’t do cuz you wouldn’t see it.

We did not realize that you would be seeing this bus from the top of the Eiffel Tower or roller coasters. After we got the roof and the sides done ity cool applying the window per to make it look like it had ghost images on 5th windows. This made it look like the ¬†whole bus filled with scary creatures. We’re very proud of this job and when Kings Dominion got the bus back they parked it out of it in front of the main gate.

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