Autuko Automotive Customizing - 7519 Ranco Road Richmond VA 23228 - Phone:804-641-6408 – Dentisry Business Wrapped In Arlon Time Lapse

What better way to have your patience brought to your office in downtown Richmond than transporting them in this luxurious Mercedes 15 passenger Van.

We all know parking is limited in downtown Richmond and to be able to park in a deck and the shuttle comes right by to pick you up! That would make life easier for anyone. That’s what this ingenious this dentist that decided to do and not only that but every time this Van rides down the street he is getting all of this advertising.

The coolest thing about this though is its a family run business. Dr Babik and his Brother and sister combined to make a great entrepreneurial force here in Richmond.

This project has Stephanie make sure everything was in line with the Historical Society to make sure everything was period correct.

They all donate their time and their properties to VCU and other people to help them with art shows and other important community projects.

Please visit Dr Babik at their West End or downtown offices. These guys are awesome in so many ways. Thank you to them for letting us be involved in this project.