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Don’t Erase It…Upgrade It – New Look Coming for Autuko Blue Chrome Scion

We’re here today to talk about our latest project, which involves one of our own. This actually is one of our work vehicles, this Scion, which originally is silver was wrapped in this beautiful blue chrome four years ago,  it’s a bit of a test pattern for the wrap to see how it works.

We’ve taken this blue chrome Scion through brushed and high-pressure car washes every week for four years now. We’ve tried to abuse it the most we can without doing any harm and we’ve got a lot of little road rash and imperfections. Like in the front of the wrap, we’ve got little chips and dings and things like tha but for them most par its held up.

We have rock chips. I mean, you’re talking four years, and we’ve put 137,000 miles on this vehicle in that time. Also, if you look, we’ve got a little dent up here where the guys get in and out sometimes, little chips around the edges, and we’ve got one scratch above the rim. So very few flaws for something that’s been used for four years solid. 

So we are hoping to repurpose this blue chrome and this material for this job which actually ended up costing us $2,400 in material costs alone to do this vehicle. So if you’ll also notice, it’s got our old logo on it. So what my idea was, why peel all this beautiful blue chrome off when most of it looks great? So going wrap the front of this with either a lime green or an orange, I can’t figure out which one yet. We’re going to do a few tests. We’re going to take the black off and wrap the whole front end in one color, and we’re going to scallop it on the way back.

Then we’re going to take the Autuko logo and do a positive/negative effect, so everywhere where you might see silver here, we’ll pluck the color out to show the blue chrome. In other words, we’re going positive/negatively wrap this vehicle.

So the object of this is to end up with a totally different look and refurbish something and not spend the money of taking this blue chrome off. I’m estimating the cost to probably do this whole job will be around 1,500 bucks to repurpose this wrap that originally cost around $4,500 to five grand, so that’s pretty cool.

I’m also looking forward to doing a little twists with the wheels this time. I’m going to do something cool to mess with people’s eyes when it rides down the road just to mess with people. Hopefully, subliminally, it says, “Come to here, and let us wrap your car.”

But this is the project and we’re going to be doing a time lapse of it, so make sure to check back to see how it turned out!

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