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AmeriGas Tanker Wrap

It’s always great to do a big vehicle. It is really cool when it’s patriotic. This was a very challenging job. We had to wrap it mobily outside and in the wind. Our tireless crew persevered and we pulled it off. [Show slideshow]

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Virginia State Police and AAA Wrap

Va State Police and AAA Wrap by Autuko

Just a plain enclosed trailer that morphed into this high DPI printed wrap. This is a  joint collaboration between the Virginia State Police and AAA. We hope this helps deter texting and drinking while driving. We all want to keep our roads safe.

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53 foot tractor trailer wrap

Check out this massive 53-foot tractor-trailer. It’s hard to believe that the cab of this truck was orange. The trailer had an old wrap on it that we covered with this bright new shiny wrap. We used the best Avery products on the market. It took us about a week to do and was very…

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Tony Jackson Van Wrapped with 3M ij380cv3

Tony Jackson Van Wrap by Autuko

This is a 2016 15 passenger high top Transit van. It originally was white. We used the highest quality 3M ij380cv3 with a gloss laminate. We also used 3m window perf with optical clear laminate. We worked closely with Tony Jackson and Donna Dean Stevens on the design and concept of this van. It’s mainly…

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McGuire Veterans Hospital Van Wrap

We are so proud and honored do this bus for the disabled American veterans. This bus was donated by a generous person to McGuire Veterans Hospital. This donation helped to allow the disabled veterans to take field trips to go fishing skiing, hunting ,bowling and many other activities. The bus was cleaned thoroughly and we…

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Orange Black Jack Mini Cooper Wrap and Stripe

We would like to thank Mr. Myrick for driving up from North Carolina today to get their families volcano orange Mini customized. We used Avery real carbon fiber and charcoal wrapping film to achieve this stylish woven look. We worked with Mr. and Mrs. Myrick over the past few weeks to get the right art…

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Mini Cooper Plaid Roof

We just completed wrapping this Mini Cooper roof and the mirrors of this mini in this retro plaid look. The sunroof has the special wrap that is perforated so you can see through just like its not there from the inside. Let us know if you would like us to wrap your vehicle with any…

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Mini Cooper Chrome Wrap with Union Jack

There is nothing quite as satisfying as realizing your vision in three dimensions; except maybe the “oohs” and “wows” when folks see what you’ve done. That is when you know, and your team knows, just how lucky you are do to what you do and why you love it so much. For this project, we…

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Hyundai Elantra Satin Black Full Wrap

This is really challenging disassembling and reassembling this brand new to get the best wrap results. We used 3m satin black to give it the matte appearance but making it easy to clean , maintain, and resist finger printing and tire dressing. Our staff wrapped each piece of this car separately. When you take the…

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Extreme Audio Van Wrap

This van wrap is the latest in the Extreme Audio’s fleet. This partial wrap was added to there growing business as a advertising billboard that will be seen all over the RVA. Our thanks go out to them for letting us be apart there outstanding and industry leading audio specialist. [Show slideshow]

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