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Ford Mustang Spoiler

This 2015 Mustang is pictured with a factory lip spoiler. There is another spoiler available its going to be a pedestal spoiler we have not seen the literature on this spoiler yet but we know it’s coming. Notice how the black spoiler on the car really looks good with black accents rocker stripes and black…

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Scion TC Spoiler

Scion TC Spoiler by Autuko Automotive Customizing

This is the factory lip spoiler for the Scion TC. If you notice we painted this in a black color to highlight the custom stripes that we installed on it.

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Camaro Spoiler

Camaro Spoiler by Autuko Automotive Customizing

This Camaro has factory painted color matching rear lip spoiler. There are many different spoilers available for the Camaro ranging from the 3 piece rear lip spoiler to a 4 pedestal wing. There is also different shaped lip spoilers depending on the year.

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