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Custom Stripes

VW Ideas

VW Green Bug with Black Stripe by

Check out just some of the Volkswagen’s that we have worked on, if you have any ideas on what you want done to your VW…Let us know how we can help!

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Mini Cooper Stripe and Wrap Ideas

Do you own a Mini Cooper? Dont know what to do to it but you know it needs something? Have a look at some of our installs below and call us at 804-641-6408 to get started! [Show slideshow] 1234►

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Mini Cooper Custom Stripe

This stripe was made with fine line knife-less tape . We laid the design out and then laid big sheets of vinyl on top and pulling the knifless tape through the vinyl. Cool effect done with this customers one off design. [Show slideshow]

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GTI Custom Stripe

Custom Striped GTI

On this bright red GTI we provided and installed the center heritage stripe,the center band stripe coming out of the GTI emblem on the side, the GTI stripes on the mirrors, and the lower rocker panel. They car really looks more aggressive with this stripe package. We used Avery supreme wrapping film for one of…

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Ford Mustang Spoiler

This 2015 Mustang is pictured with a factory lip spoiler. There is another spoiler available its going to be a pedestal spoiler we have not seen the literature on this spoiler yet but we know it’s coming. Notice how the black spoiler on the car really looks good with black accents rocker stripes and black…

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Ford Mustang Custom Stripes

This 2015 Ford Mustang is equipped with our custom stripes. It has hood Spears side stripes and if you notice the side stripes have a gloss black Mustang horse in it that you can’t see unless you look at it from certain angles because its on top of the matte black stripe that already exists.…

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Ford Fiesta Custom Stripes

This 2015 Ford Fiesta was a combination of custom stripes and a concept by the customer. The customer is sculptor and came up with the eyeliner stripe design around the headlights. This concept of the car is exactly how they wanted it. We duplicated it to make it look like the drawings that she had…

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RV Custom Stripes

When we are doing a project like this we get input from the customer first. We like to ask them what colors they like and what they’re looking for in a graphic design. Then what we do is we take pictures and measurements of the vehicle. Then we enter It all in the computer and…

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