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Bus Wrap

VCU Rams Bus Wrap

At Autuko we love working with the colleges and wrapping their buses. It is especially awesome to do one of our home towns universities. VCU is very important to Richmond and the surrounding areas Not only being a great school but also helping our economy thrive. On this bus we had to remove and old…

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HCA Bus Wrap


The HC a bus was quite challenging because we had to strip the old graphics off of the bus which is been on for about 8 years. Which means they were pretty cracked up from the Sun.It would come off in small pieces. When we wrap a bus like this it’s pretty crazy because there…

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Kings Dominion Bus Wrap

The Kings Dominion bus was one of the coolest jobs we’ve done thus far by far. It was quite unusual because we had to strip the old wrap off using a ice blaster which takes dry ice and blasted high pressure on the old decals cleaning the decathis made it look like the bus was…

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