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Archive for January 2015

Kings Dominion Bus Wrap

The Kings Dominion bus was one of the coolest jobs we’ve done thus far by far. It was quite unusual because we had to strip the old wrap off using a ice blaster which takes dry ice and blasted high pressure on the old decals cleaning the decathis made it look like the bus was…

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Tractor Trailer Wrap

This job was monstrous it took us three days and 5 employees. It took two employees just on the tractor and three employees on the trailer at all times during the three day job. Imagine laying on the top of the tractor to do the huge roof. The trailer had 5400 rivets that all had…

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Chevy Van Autuko Wrap

When we did our own van we wanted to show how that the wrap has to be paneled. We did each panel and took a picture of each one being laid on it. Then one can see the progression of how it is done. When a vehicle is larger than 58 inches wide the material…

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Hummer Burger King Wrap

The Burger King was quite a challenge do do the vehicles enormous size. We also had to go around the hinges on the door. Depending on the vehicle some hinges can be done and some not do to shape depth and how the bind when they are swing open. We could not take some of…

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